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When a woman experiences abuse her soul doesn't die.

Her soul gets muddy. Cleansing her soul through artistic self-expression reveals an inner beauty that no man can take away.







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Muddy High Heels Entertainment needs you

Are You a Single Mom Who Can Sing?

We are looking for a special single mom to participate in our music video performance program. Check to find out if you are eligible to apply to our program by completing the questionnaire.


Will You Support Our Debut Performance?

Our debut project is a music video, "Woman of Destiny", starring our first Mom-Performer. "Woman of Destiny" is an original tune written by 5 passionate Black women that will be re-recorded. Your donation will help us cover the expenses of our Grammy-nominated producer, shooting locations, video editing, and the debut performance for donors in mid-2021.


Want to Unleash the Magic Inside of You?

Learn what it takes to unleash the SUPER POWER you already have, how to use this power to feel good enough, and heal from a broken heart.


We Couldn't Do This Work Without Generous Donors


To launch our performance program, currently we are looking for a special group of moms who sing. Check to find out if you are eligible to apply to our program by completing the screening questionnaire.

Your Generous Contributions Will Help Her Cleanse Her Soul

By creatively expressing her emotions, she finds resilience and captures a future of happiness and success


MUDDY HIGH HEELS ENTERTAINMENT, INC., is a 501c3 corporation. We are a mission-driven and God-centered non-profit.

Our primary purpose is to produce performances of resilience that inspire, inform, and build community.  Our performers are unique. They are Black single moms with undiscovered talent ("Mom-Performers") who are also categorized as low-income (also known as low-wealth). More specifically, they have experienced abuse at the hands of a male, but they no longer want to define their future happiness or success by it. We identify and select these moms through a personal process. We take the time to get to know these moms before we welcome them into the MUDDY HIGH HEELS ENTERTAINMENT Family.

We carefully select our Mom-Performers and guide them through our signature personal development and performance preparation program. In this program, we coach, mentor, and train our Mom-Performers in preparation for producing their performances.

We are extremely proud of a secondary purpose which is to elevate the economic status of our Mom-Performers. We teach them strategies to monetize their talent. Upon completion of our program, our Mom-Performers have the skills, knowledge and support to earn a 5-figure income that they can increase independent of our program. 

If you are interested in becoming a Mom-Performer, we invite you to complete the screening questionnaire. A determination will be made about your eligibility.


Heartbreak Help

"How to Unleash the Magic Within"


Support Our Mom-Performer

Here are Three Ways

Purchase A Special Gift

Purchase a CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer" as a gift to a Mom-Performer. This "Movie Trailer" is a video that depicts her past, present, and future life to come. Seeing is believing. This video will serve as a constant inspiration to remind her that, despite the setback of the past, her future holds success. Your special gift is as important as a financial contribution.

We create the gift in consultation with the Mom-Performer. 

We will acknowledge you in the credits of her personalized CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer"


Make A Donation

Your donation is tax-deductible. Our organization depends on the generous donations of people like you. Your donation helps us further our purpose to benefit more Mom-Performers. We will use the funds to provide high quality coaching, mentoring, and training programs that prepare our Mom-Performers to share their talent with the community and to keep the organization operating. Every amount counts. 

We are grateful for your support.


Become A Member

Membership is opened to ALL. You do not have to fit within our focus group of low-income, Black, single moms. You do not have to have talent to join. As a paying member, you are entitled to exclusive access to our Mom-Performers' talent, discounts on their live performances, special videos on their journey to financial elevation, "behind the scenes" access to how performances are produced, monthly training videos for you to learn strategies of resilience that we teach our Mom-Performers, live Q&A webinars, personal development courses, and much, much more.



"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it."

Maya Angelou
American Poet, Actress, Singer, Dancer

She Will Feel Good About A Future She Hasn't Lived YET

We Create A CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer" of Her Resilient Life to Come. If she 'sees' herself the SHEro in her life's story, she will believe she is resilient. At the heart of great movies that you watch over and over again is the hero who rises from the ashes of her setback. Secretly, you see yourself in the shoes of the hero on the movie screen. Now, you can be the hero of your own story. If you have to see it to believe it, then a personal CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer" depicting your comeback (resilience) is the visual you need to keep you inspired. After a devastating setback of divorce, Pamela Elaine Nichols rose from the ashes to become self-confident and determined. She held a visual of what she wanted her life to be in the future. Now, that future is becoming her reality. Watch the video below to watch the CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer" created for Pamela Elaine.


Purchase an Inspirational Gift She will Treasure: Her Personalized CROWN OF BEAUTY "Movie Trailer"

Our Mom-Performer will feel good about a future she hasn't lived YET

Who Is Running This Non-Profit?

Meet the Officers

Interim President & Fundraiser

Taylor R. Johnson

I am a Junior attending the University of Southern California. I am currently studying business with an emphasis in Cinematic Arts. I am very passionate about Muddy High Heels Entertainment, Inc. (MHHE), because I believe that we need more African American women representation in the entertainment industry. MHHE gives women of color an opportunity to improve their talent and share their stories. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful MHHE family and I am looking forward to the talent to be discovered in you.


Vertia Wright

I am the president of Alpha Women Investors, and a member of Mu Beta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  For 48 years, I have held the positions of Church Clerk & Administrator, Financial Secretary and Church Choir Director at Little St. John MBC.  Since 2017, I’ve held the position of Treasurer. In 1995, I became the First Lady of the Church upon marriage to the Pastor. I retired from Los Angeles Unified School District after serving as Assistant Principal Secondary Counselor and Acting Principal of two middle schools in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to these assignments, I worked as a teacher of business education, guidance counselor, Title I Coordinator and an Assistant Head Counselor at a high school in Los Angeles. After retirement, I worked as a Supervisor of new teachers at Loyola Marymount University. I feel honored to be able to use my experience and expertise as Secretary in Muddy High Heels Entertainment, Inc.

Treasurer & Social Media Coordinator

Kendall Johnson

I have 6 years experience in the world of musical theater, having held lead and subordinate roles. As a student in the gifted program at my school, I enjoy exploring the depths of my analytical and creative mind. I am here to offer this perspective to our Mom-Performers. I hope that by working with Muddy High Heels Entertainment, Inc., I can help create the most professional and enjoyable productions. 

Creative Writer & Producer

Pamela Elaine Nichols

I am the founder of Muddy High Heels Entertainment, Inc, a company that produces performances that cleanse the soul of women who have experienced abuse at the hands of a male. This is the second non-profit 501c3 I have founded. After I wrote the book of the same name, I knew I needed to bring the message of resilience to entertainment. As a mom who went through my own "muddy" experience, I discovered the secret to bouncing back with courage, dignity, and grace. I am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and have enjoyed a successful career in the non-profit and for-profit industry. I hold a Master's degree from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. My passion is singing and I have three original songs under my belt. I am delighted to serve in this new company that helps women who have experienced abuse at the hands of a male express their story through entertainment. There is resilience in these women.

Meet Our Exceptional Partners

Our talented and capable partners are committed to the development and success of our Mom-Performers.

Music Supervisor

Donald Robinson is a Grammy-nominated music producer with an impressive discography as a songwriter and arranger. Donald will oversee all aspects of music and performance development.


Trainer & Coach

Dr. Cathy Coleman is founder and CEO of Smart Choice Training Institute, LLC. Smart Choice Training will partner with us to provide training and coaching services for our Mom-Performers. 


Up and Coming Mom-Performer

Click her image to visit her page

The Book That Inspired the Entertainment Company

You will be inspired to find purpose in your setbacks by reading the stories in Muddy High Heels: 14 Lessons Learned from my Breakdown, Breakup and Breakthrough. Pamela Elaine Nichols is raw and authentic as she openly shares trials of her past and how she drew lessons from them to become resilient. You will learn how to do the same as you use the book to journal your “breakthrough” experiences. 


We Coach A Woman to Believe She Is Good Enough

Even when a man treats her as if she is not.


We Offer Personal Development Webinars

When We develop the Mother, We Develop a Generation

Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life

Is it possible to manage negative thoughts about yourself when you have been hurt, abused, suffered pain, disappointment, rejection  or abandonment at the hands of a male? Stay tuned for this upcoming webinar, "Think Again", to learn secrets that Pamela Elaine Nichols & Cheryl Hurley found. You could be eligible for our free 15-minute assessment. Are you ready for a new way of thinking?


Now in Search for Our First Muddy High Heels Mom-Performers!

Complete the short screening questionnaire to find out if you are eligible for our program (please read the information carefully below).

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